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Ex-Female Student Refute Spencer Ng’s Claims


Well, if you read my previous post, you would have known that I personally knew NSP’s Spencer Ng and had some interesting things to say about him…

Well, not as interesting as what his female ex-student in question had to say about him. For more details, go and grab today copy of The Newpaper. (I will be sharing some tidbits from the The Newpaper.) And please don’t dismiss it as a smearing campaign without even reading through the article. I can assure you that the investigation did happen back in 2007. Investigation stopped because he left the school. I was there.

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Who would give a damn about Nicole Seah if it wasn’t for Tin Pei Ling

Okay, so now the internet is like buzzing about Nicole Seah, the latest netizens’ favorite.

Now I already stated that I disapprove of Tin Pei Ling as an MP. I disapprove of Nicole Seah as an MP even more.

So who should be able to buy Singaporeans’ vote? Their team members! Remember, you are not voting one person in, but a whole team in. And I TOTALLY DISAPPROVE OF NSP TEAM! Juicy bits about why I disapprove would be explained later…

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